Sacred Rose® Vibrational Artisan Tisanes

Sacred Rose® Vibrational Artisan Tisanes raise the vibrational frequency of humanity one cup of tea at a time. Our herbal tisanes may be enjoyed both as beverages and as vibrational remedies.

Herbs are the Earth’s living medicine. They are effective healing agents due to their natural resonance with both the energetic and physical human body. Sacred Rose® Vibrational Artisan Tisanes stimulate the energy body's innate ability to heal. Each Sacred Rose® blend facilitates an inner alchemical process within the matrix of the body-mind, opening the gateway for a change in consciousness.

Sacred Rose® is committed to providing products that both enhance our creative life force and sustain our planet. As a conscious company, Sacred Rose® takes pride in offering sustainable, eco-friendly products. Indulge in our products: Treat yourself and share our infusions as gifts for the tea lovers in your life.


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