Sacred Rose® Vibrational Artisan Tisanes

Sacred Rose® is a leading purveyor of hand blended vibrational artisan tisanes. Sacred Rose® offers exquisite herbal infusions of brilliant character. Combining the ancient art of tea blending with the venerated modality of plant spirit healing, Sacred Rose® produces hand-crafted, premium quality, all natural and healthy herbal infusions to please the palate and delight the senses.

Sacred Rose® Tisanes provides nine distinctive loose leaf blends for the emerging herbal tea aficionado and the conscious consumer.

Each Sacred Rose® blend inspires and activates a specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pattern for those who drink these healing blends. Herbal tea infusions offer a great alternative to chemically processed beverages. Sacred Rose® Vibrational Artisan Tisanes are caffeine free and made with the highest quality organic herbals. You can enjoy our tisanes hot or cold.

“Enjoying Sacred Rose® Tisanes is a meditative and relational experience.”
- Maria Pologeorgis


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